Future Ready Nashville

A DesignShop Event | December 17-19, 2014

America has reached a point where almost all problems can be solved, especially at the local level. Nashville has everything it needs to be Future Ready. This program invites selected activists to experience the DesignShop process, while launching our intentional process of making Nashville Future Ready.


What is the Goal? | What is a DesignShop? | Rules of Engagement? | What to Bring?


What is a DesignShop?

A concentrated, creative process that drives
ownership, alignment and decision-making. 

An intense collaborative design activity to help teams design solutions to strategic, operational or systemic problems, or explore opportunities in depth. 

A focused effort
free from distractions

facilitated and documented by a team highly experienced in the arts of design and collaboration. 

A full cycle design experience 
which explores a wide range of options, creates an innovative solution, and then engineers the key parts necessary for success, before everyone leaves the room.