Future Ready Nashville

A DesignShop Event | December 17-19, 2014

America has reached a point where almost all problems can be solved, especially at the local level. Nashville has everything it needs to be Future Ready. This program invites selected activists to experience the DesignShop process, while launching our intentional process of making Nashville Future Ready.


Participants were asked to:

  1. SCAN and Explore articles and books and find one or several that they found interesting, exciting, scary, revolutionary... 
  2. Share findings with five or six others and then,
  3. Each team was given a lens (see below) to bring  focus to the readings. 

This module served to awaken and stimulate new possibilities.

In our past explorations, the tradition was to discover something and then formulate it into answers and solutions that could be widely transferred. But now we are on a journey of mutual and simultaneous exploration. In my view, all we can expect from one another is new and interesting information. We cannot expect answers. Solutions, as quantum reality teaches, are a temporary event, specific to a context, developed through the relationship of persons and circumstances. There will be no more patrons, waiting expectantly for our return, just more and more explorers venturing out on their own.

“This sounds unnerving – I haven’t stopped wanting someone, somewhere to return with the right answers. But I know that my hopes are old, based on a different universe. In this new world, you and I make it up as we go along, not because we lack expertise or planning skills, but because that is the nature of reality. Reality changes shape and meaning because of our activity. And it is constantly new. We are required to be there, as active participants. It can’t happen without us and nobody can do it for us.
— Meg Wheatley. Leadership and the New Science, 1993