Future Ready Nashville

A DesignShop Event | December 17-19, 2014

America has reached a point where almost all problems can be solved, especially at the local level. Nashville has everything it needs to be Future Ready. This program invites selected activists to experience the DesignShop process, while launching our intentional process of making Nashville Future Ready.


What's In Our Trunk?

Aaron C.

TALENTS: explainer, consensus building, synthesize info, making the abstract concrete

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Infrastructure

Aaron Dorn

TALENTS: Adaptability, seeing the pixels and how they relate, mentoring and coaching, presentation skills, leading others through a process, linking concepts

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Education, Pattern Recognition, Future Ready

Ashford Hughes

TALENTS: relating to others, building relationships, leadership, advocacy, voice of others, community organizer, public speaking and articulation

STRENGTHS: Communication, Advocacy, Organization

Bob Higgins

TALENTS: Seeing opportunities, connecting the dots, communications, listening, engineering, infrastructure expertise, analyzing

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Infrastructure, Connection, lead

Cabot Pyle

TALENTS: relationship builder, communicator

STRENGTHS: Infrastructure, Networks

Curt Hahn

TALENTS: Leadership management, team building, concensus building, entrepreneur, storyteller

STRENGTHS: Communication, Networks, lead


TALENTS: Patience, Listening skills, collaborate, solve puzzles, drawn to mysteries

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Conflict management

Daynise Joseph

TALENTS: grass roots, organizing, strategic planning, versatile, flexible, PR writing, social media strategy

STRENGTHS: Communication, lead, Organization

Debby Gould

TALENTS: energetic, motivational, policy minded, leadership management, consensus building

STRENGTHS: Communication, Diversity, Execution, Advocacy, Change Process, Spirit

Eileen Hernandez

TALENTS: loves learning, curious

Elissa Kim

TALENTS: strategic, ID talent, utilyze data, fact based decisions

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Access

Erin Russell

TALENTS: Project Management, managing expectations, great facillitation skills, compassionate, listener, big picture, analytical, thinker

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Advocacy, Conflict Management, Coolaborate

Francie Hunt

TALENTS: Strategy, candid communicator, political expertise, teacher, creative problem solver

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Organiztion, Creativity

Freda Player

TALENTS: Taking idea from beginning to completion,organizational, development, breaking down complex/good ideas

STRENGTHS: Communication, Engagement, Social Entreprenuer

Gary Gaston

TALENTS: development, strategy, vision, design thinking process

STRENGTHS: Vision, Engagement

George Thomas

TALENTS: Fundraiser, connector, sees potential, trainer

STRENGTHS: Communication, Execution, Fundraising

Harvey Sperling

TALENTS: Builder, Designer, problem solver, system thinker, sees interlocking relations, global thinker, thrives in ambiguity, champion for next generation

STRENGTHS: Education, Execution, Creativity

Hillary Sims

TALENTS: peacemaker, synthesizer, understands human stages of development, private, character, traditional school expertise, public speaking

STRENGTHS: Communication, Education, Pattern Recognition, Conflict management

Isaac Hunt

TALENTS: nice, generous, biking


Jennifer Tlumak Westerholm

TALENTS: Non-profit expertise, practical, conservationist, Nashville Native, institutional knowledge, Practical optimist, designer, emerging leader

STRENGTHS: Execution, Change Process, Connection, Spirit, Fundraising, Culture

Jenny Carr

TALENTS: Systems management, trainer, manager, empowerment, maven, pivots well, manages chaos, communicates expectations, passionate

STRENGTHS: Advocacy, Change Process, lead, Engagement

Reverend Judy

TALENTS: Passionate, public speaker

STRENGTHS: Innovate, Communication

Kenny Alonzo

TALENTS: able to build relationship across economic levels, identifying inefficiencies within budgets and improving, solutions to logistical matter

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Infrastructure, Networks

Laura Creek

TALENTS: more valuing, facilitating, collaboration, courage to say hard things, seeing and selling big picture

STRENGTHS: Communication, Spirit, Conflict Management

Manuel Zeitin

TALENTS: What box?, Foodie, visionary, thinker

STRENGTHS: Vision, Culture, Future ready

Marcus Whitney

TALENTS: Creating and proving the concept, mentoring, speaking

STRENGTHS: Communication, Networks, Creativity

Mary Bufwack

TALENTS: Builds coalitions, teacher, researcher analyst

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Connection

Michelle Lacewell

TALENTS: Ethically driven, forward thinking, empathetic, intuitive, excellent in crisis, pivots well, organizational communication, team developer

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Change Process, Connection, Vision

Michelle Steele

TALENTS: Goal oriented/implementation, problem solving, collaboration, community conservations, civic engagement

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Organization, political Saviness, Creativity, Social Entreprenuer

Mohamed-Shukri Hassan

TALENTS: Spirit of social entrepreneurism, innovation, passion for activism, get up and out, connector of people, policy minded, speaks 4 languages, brings other perspective

STRENGTHS: Communication, Networks, Advocacy, Social Entreprenuer

Nancy Dickson

TALENTS: Assessing people's strangths, mentoring, networking, synthesizer

STRENGTHS: Communication

Pallu Reddy

TALENTS: Can find the positive in any situation, comfortable with unknown

STRENGTHS: Change Process, Spirit

Rebecca Berrios

TALENTS: Leader's leader, dreamer, connector, very paractical, paragmatic, highly organized, advocate for all things Nashville, passionate, connector, communication

STRENGTHS: Connection, lead, Organization, Culture

Renata Soto

TALENTS: community builder,risk trainer, strategic thinker, insightful, bold, visionary, collection of talent, change agent

STRENGTHS: Organization, Lead

Rev. Judy Cummings

TALENTS: Integrate health & spirit, leadership

STRENGTHS: Communication

Ron Corb

TALENTS: invision caster, fact- based decision maker, effective communicator, influence and motivate others

STRENGTHS: Communication, Analysis, Vision

Susan Prado

TALENTS: Adaptability, Art, Devil's Advocate, listening, observing details, complex narrative

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Faith based, Future ready, Innovate

Tasneem Tewogbola

TALENTS: Extremely optimistic, fair, pacemaker, conversation starter, motivator, storyteller

STRENGTHS: Communication, Faith Based

Tom Wardem

TALENTS: empowerer, systems thinker

STRENGTHS: Analysis, Execution

Will Rutherford

TALENTS: challenges his mind, thinker, listener

STRENGTHS: Leadership

Xeria Keys

TALENTS: joy seeker, happiness, critical thinking, not afraid to be wrong, systematic, honest, direct, critic, indentifying mistakes, translator, reflective

STRENGTHS: Communication, Infrastructure, Networks, Execution, Spirit