Future Ready Nashville

A DesignShop Event | December 17-19, 2014

America has reached a point where almost all problems can be solved, especially at the local level. Nashville has everything it needs to be Future Ready. This program invites selected activists to experience the DesignShop process, while launching our intentional process of making Nashville Future Ready.


Each participant took time to create a story about what is important to them as individuals at this time and for this event.  Each person then shared their story with five or six other participants creating a larger story of aspirations, dreams, fears and hopes for Nashville's future.  

Individual Posters

Insofar as the past is over and the future has not yet transpired, this midpoint is an open moment of possibility. Properly used, it becomes like the eye of a hurricane, a quiet place at the center of life, a free, unconditioned moment of opportunity.
— Ira Progoff (At a Journal Workshop, 1975)